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Step-back a whole school approach to independence

 I am really delighted to share this post about Step-back…   Check the powerful image…. says so much…….. of a lack of understanding of roles… who is doing what….. what is the purpose of this support?   Have you ever done this?   I have….more than once   Step-back changes the way in which we […]

Do your over support, over help, step-in and do the task for the child when they could do it themselves? Do you understand the concept of the learner as an effective problem solver and do you support this… or do you step-in and take over, worrying that if you don’t others will think you are […]

Supporting a child/young person who is a latecomer to braille

Supporting a latecomer to braille – Gwyn’s Saturday Article 1 : July 10th 2021. The point at which you decide to introduce braille will depend on many complex factors, and each child will be individual and unique. It is a delicate balance during this period of time, requires constant review, sensitive handling and management of […]

Thumbs Up Social Skills Programme Review

Thumbs up Programme (Positive Eye) Review Recently, I successfully used the ‘Thumbs Up’ programme with a pupil who has a diagnosis of autism. This is the pupil’s prime area of need. Their visual impairment is secondary. The programme was well received as it supported the teaching of key social skills, for example, the importance of […]

Positive Looking Online International Network Event

I love this…the impact of Positive Looking working three years later…….it is so exciting! “Your course has been the best I have been on as a teacher for children with complex and profound needs. We have a lovely positive eye area in class now and even have positive looking targets for each child for who […]