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  • Confirmation of booking

    Confirmation of booking will be sent by email, together with a programme for the day and directions to the venue. (By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms of the cancellation policy)

  • Cancellation Policy

    • In the event of there not being enough interest in the course, an email notifying you that the course is cancelled will be sent within 2 working days of the booking deadline (see main flyer for date), a full refund will also be made
    • For cancellations made after the booking deadline, no refund will be given.
    • For cancellations received prior to the booking deadline, a full refund will apply
    • If on the day of the course, a delegate is ill, or otherwise not able to attend, due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances, a substitute delegate may attend.
    • A refund will not be issued for nonattendance at the course.
    • If the trainer is unable to deliver the course due to unforeseen emergency circumstances, or due to illness, contact will be made with each delegate at the earliest possible opportunity and a full refund will be made

    Please do not hesitate to contact Gwyn McCormack @ Positive Eye should you have any further queries regarding course bookings.