Positive Looking Parents through literacy

Positive Looking Parents through Literacy
Latest addition to the growing suite of Positive Looking resources
Positive Looking Programme – a whole school approach
Positive Looking Train the Trainer and Positive Looking Practitioner courses
This is an online course for parents to learn how to include Positive Looking visual skills within their child’s everyday experiences and opportunities. In this course the visual skills are linked Marvin’s Market Adventure to demonstrate how to include these areas of development within a fun story. Parents participating in the course attend 6 sessions online and then have the opportunity to write and create their own very simple story resource. A Certificate of Recognition a Positive Looking Parent Certificate will be given to those completing this task. There is a brief video about the course here. It will be supported during online sessions with practical demonstrations of each visual skill area as it is introduced. Examples of how to link to the story of Marvin as well as general resource ideas for each area will be shared in this positive, fun, practical course.