Photo of Donna Carpenter and Gwyn McCormack

Family Story Time Show Presentation

My very good friend and wonderful colleague, Dr Donna Carpenter, Director of the Kentucky Deafblind Project and I had the enormous and exciting pleasure of presenting jointly to an audience of educators working with children with VI.
They were attending the South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment Conference in Australia. This took place last night (2am my time, 8.30pm Donna’s time and 12.30pm their time.)
We gave a well received super joint presentation about the incredible outcomes from the Family Story Time Show which has been an amazing joint collaboration with the remaining SE States of America Deafblind Projects
Donna spoke about the reason why the story time show is so needed by families.
She spoke about the wonderful interpreters Kirk and Bryan whom everyone LOVES!
She spoke about the planning with the other Deafblind Projects
She spoke about how we are developing accessible stories for all children through our Sparkly Educator Prep Camp and Parent Story Champions that we are working with at the moment.
I talked about the learning opportunities within the show. How the show is structured and why each element is included.
We shared wonderful video footage and photographs of some of the children watching the show and shared what the families said
We shared the outcomes for children!
What an honour to present with Donna and share our work with so many. A thrilling evening!