small world play

Small World Play!

Otis! The little red and white tractor that rescues the calf from the muddy pond. I made this to accompany this story.
Or, simply a lovely small world play model to act out:
-A countryside walk
-A farm walk
-Role play being a farmer
-A walk around the muddly pond by all the animals
-Standing in the muddy pond!
-Standing in a row by the fields…. row-ness of rows, two-ness of two animals.
Ideally if you can take a visit to the fields, to the countryside, to a pond this gives the child the real experience.
Then head home or back to school and create the model to act out the experience, over again, as many times as you can.
This is a really important aspect…. to re-enact the story.
At the same time make a simple book about the experience to the countryside or to the farm. Take a little bag and collect some items, return to school or home and create your book.
Model making and imaginary play are two really important factors in creating accessible literacy experiences for children