Activity Shares for Families and Professionals #COVID19

The following page links provide families with some fun ideas, activities and inspiration during the periods of time spent at home during the months of the COVID19 Epidemic.
They are not specific to a particular type of educational need but are holistic, can be adapted to meet sensory requirements and are activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
You may also enjoy participating in the online weekly ‘Gwyn the Idea Machine’ a workshop to watch a fun creative make created by Gwyn, which you can then create for your child! Recycled materials, glue and scissors, cheap and cheerful ideas! Click on the links to take you to the pages listed

The first online class was recorded on the 23rd March 2020.

1.Multi-sensory literacy Workshops
2.Experience and story books
3.Early maths and concept development ideas
4.Story books written by Gwyn McCormack
5.Other locations with 88 pages of resource ideas from Positive Eye – Paths to Literacy

Part one: Multi-Sensory Literacy Workshops

Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey

This video shows how to use real objects from the story to enable a child with any sensory or special educational need to access and enjoy a meaningful literacy experience. You can do this with any story – you only need to collect  a few objects.

Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey

Putting a collection of objects in a tin to explore is a great idea, add objects with the same initial, same feel, same shape, same colour, from same room, same drawer. Make a little tin and a big tin of objects to compare sizes.  Go on a tin filling expedition how many things fit in a tin.

Traction Man Tin Ideas

Download Traction Man Resource Sheet


Journey on a boat

Make your own fun story find a box turn it in to a boat – climb in and sail  away!

Journey on a boat  part 1

Journey on a boat part 2

Download Journey on a boat resource sheet

Harry Potter

Enjoy making a few of the things from the story of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter


Enjoy collecting a few things from the story of Frozen and sharing the tactile experience of the Frozen-ness of Frozen


Frozen Story Bucket 

Frozen Story Bucket 2

Olaf Counting Game

Frozen Naming Game 

Part two: Experience and Story Books

Enjoy creating your story books, base them on your child and your own experiences. They can be a few pages or pages can be added if you use a binder to put them in. I think this is a wonderful way to engage your child. Collect real objects or models where the real thing isn’t possible. Stick them in the book, and talk about them as you turn the pages. Add braille, large print, sound labels if this works for your child. Tell the story, enjoy the story, act out the story, over and over again!

Personal Hygiene Book

Two children go to the beach

Peace at Last 

Peace-at-last  Resource sheet

Marvin’s tactile Story Book 

Marvin’s Market Adventure Story Ideas 

Oi Frog


Create your own model of a Robot! Make your own story of the adventures of the robot.


The lovely story of Kipper’s Toy box brought to life, add your favourite toys to a box and re-enact the story.


Make your very own Post Office, role play walking to the Post office and posting  a parcel. Make a card to send to a loved one, take it to the Post Office, make an experience book about going to the Post Office.

Otis the tractor

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

People as Helpers: Cook

Sensory exploration the weather 

Sensory exploration: Toys

Sensory exploration: Families

So many more ideas like this on Paths to Literacy from Positive Eye


If you are still looking for inspiration check the 21 fantastic story bucket ideas shared in this resource lots to love and all linked to key elements of learning, there is even a Birthday Story Bucket!

Part three: Early Concept and Maths Ideas

The following are a selection of ideas, on the Paths to Literacy Website I share many many more infact there are 88 pages of ideas and activities. Check my pages over there you won’t be short of things to do and lots of inspiring ideas. Here is a top few ideas to start with:



Concepts: Lids

Make a book of lids,  collect the lids and make a pattern with lids. Count lids, add an  initial letter sound to each lid and find an object beginning with the letter.

Fun with Fun Buns

Dogness of Dog the hierarchy of tactile skill development – watch for important learning

Ideas for learning with an IKEA  Komplement Hanger

Ideas for learning with a black ice cube tray

Learning within an everyday object basket


Part four: Story Books written by Gwyn McCormack

Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Birthday Picnic

A story that will give you a million learning opportunities. Includes a lovely song, sung by Tom, an audio version  and 10 weeks of ideas to support you and your child both at home and at school.

Readings from the Marvin story

Flora Flower

Fishman Phil 

Veg Man Vernon

Story ideas linked to Marvin’s story 


Marvin’s Seaside Adventure and the rescue of Super Sparkle

Story extracts

Beautiful Betty Bird

Princess Peggy’s Pink Ice Cream Parlour

Crazy Crab Craig

5.Other locations with 88 pages of resource ideas from Positive Eye – Paths to Literacy