Assessment Scrutiny focus on the Story Time Show

Assessment Scrutiny Spring ’22 (1)

In February 2022, the Dales Special School commissioned Positive Eye to present the Winter Wonderland Story Time Show to two classes of children. An assessment scrutiny was completed to demonstrate the impact of the Story Time Show on progress in learning behaviours /engagement supported through this literacy intervention. The school use the DfE Engagement Model to assess progress for pupils following a pre-formal /semi-formal curriculum pathway.

The Engagement Model was used to observe 10 pupils over two sessions.
The assessment scrutiny concluded, “The Story Time Show has a positive impact on supporting and increasing engagement levels for pupils with complex learning needs accessing a pre-formal curriculum.”

Read the full report here:
Assessment Scrutiny Spring ’22 (1)

The Engagement Model 

(See P10-12 for the 5 lenses of engagement)