Conversations with professionals about Positive Looking

Conversations with professionals about the Positive Looking Programme

Over the last few weeks I have had the great pleasure of being in conversation with many professionals from the UK, Iceland and the USA. The professionals are all using Positive Eye’s Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme in their work to support children with vision impairment/loss.

The common themes  that have emerged from the conversations are that the Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme:

  • Offers common language to use
  • A systematic approach to promoting visual skills  by everybody, all day, everyday
  • A common framework, which is simple and easy to follow
  • Builds the confidence of the workforce
  • The Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme makes this possible and doable by everyone
  • Positive Looking enables planning for vision first, thus moving vision up the child’s agenda

My sincere appreciation to all the amazing professionals who took part and in allowing this wonderful collection of evidence to be gathered.


Here is the link to listen to all the conversations

Listen to professionals talk about Positive Looking

Below are links to all the individual shorter conversations held with professionals

If you would like to select an individual  conversation to listen to , click on the individual links in the list below. It makes for fantastic listening! Learn from the professionals as they share how they are using the Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme, the impact and outcomes for schools, settings, learners and parents.

1.Conversation with Elfa Svanhildur Hermannsdóttir – Forstjóri/CEO and Estella D. Björnsson – Fagstjóri sjónfræði MSc/Manager Optometry.

National Institute for the blind, visually impaired, and deafblind, Iceland

26 minute conversation link

5 minute conversation link


2. Conversation with Dan Stroker, Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired, Manchester Sensory Support Service, Mel Tanswell, Teaching Assistant, Level 3 and Vision Champion at Ashgate Special School and Alex Cruz, Class Teacher, Lancasterian Primary School. UK

22 minute conversation link

10 minute conversation link 

3. Conversation with Charlotte Arnold and Este Banfield. Both professionals are QTVI’s (Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairments) Specialist Teachers in Vision Impairment, Integrated SEND Service, Children’s Services, Buckinghamshire Council, UK

32 minute conversation link

5 minute conversation link

4. Conversation with  Charlene Smith, Teacher of pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and Trainee Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairments, Trinity Fields School and Resource Centre, UK. 

28 minute conversation link

5 minute conversation link

5. Conversation with Carrie-Anne Brooke-Lovell, Qualified Teacher of VI, Gateshead Local Authority, UK

22 min conversation link 

5 min conversation link 

6. Conversation with Daniel Downes, Team Lead, Salford Visual Impairment Education Team, UK

6 min conversation Link


7. Conversation with Kye White, Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairment, Rachael Turner, Specialist Teaching Assistant of Vision Impairment, Stockport Sensory Support Service and Gillian Jones,  VI Lead & Class teacher, BEd Hons, Valley School, Bramhall, Stockport.

28 minute conversation link

12 minute conversation link

8. Conversation with Dr Donna Carpenter, Statewide Coordinator, Kentucky Deafblind Project. Robbin Cox, Regional Outreach Consultant, Kentucky School for the Blind, West KY Special Education Cooperative. Angela Powell, Outreach Consultant, GRREC Region, Kentucky School for the Blind, Alisa Butler, Moderate/Severe Disability teacher,  Pembroke Elementary School in Christian County, Kentucky. Jennifer Starks, Teacher for Visually Impaired, Christian County, Kentucky. Sondra Reece, Teacher for Visually Impaired, Barren County, Kentucky. Ashley Smith, MSD ECE Teacher, Red Cross Elementary School, Kentucky.

23 minute conversation link


9. Conversation with Amanda Riddle, Qualified Teacher of VI, Fairfield School, UK

9 minute conversation link


10. Conversation with Theresa Howells, Hazel Smith, Brenda Tucker, Helen Mahony. Senior Support Assistants and Intervenors at Chiltern Woods School, UK

9 minute conversation link


11. Conversation with Carolyn Smith and Libby Mitchell, Qualified Teachers of VI, Hampshire.

5 minute conversation link


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