Experience Book Ideas to Inspire You

Enjoy creating your story books, base them on your child and your own experiences. They can be a few pages or pages can be added if you use a binder to put them in. I think this is a wonderful way to engage your child. Collect real objects or models where the real thing isn’t possible. Stick them in the book, and talk about them as you turn the pages. Add braille, large print, sound labels if this works for your child. Tell the story, enjoy the story, act out the story, over and over again!

Personal Hygiene Book

Two children go to the beach


Oi Frog


Create your own model of a Robot! Make your own story of the adventures of the robot.


The lovely story of Kipper’s Toy box brought to life, add your favourite toys to a box and re-enact the story.


Make your very own Post Office, role play walking to the Post office and posting  a parcel. Make a card to send to a loved one, take it to the Post Office, make an experience book about going to the Post Office.

Harry Potter

Otis the tractor

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

People as Helpers: Cook 

Sensory exploration the weather 

Sensory exploration: Toys

Sensory exploration: Families

So many more ideas like this on Paths to Literacy from Positive Eye


If you are still looking for inspiration check the 21 fantastic story bucket ideas shared in this resource lots to love and all linked to key elements of learning, there is even a Birthday Story Bucket!