Positive Outcomes

A small snapshot of some of the incredible positive outcomes from the online literacy programme: Marvin’s Story Time Show

“C really enjoyed the Story Time Show today.He especially loved when he heard his name . We are seeing big reactions to the show today! Thank you for letting us be a part of it!”



“Total body engaged, even down to that toe point!”

“The Story Time Show is the highlight of this little girl’s week. A just loves the Story Time Show!”

“A enjoyed the special story time show! She always interacts with the screen. The Story Time Show is a highlight for A. We use so many of the techniques you share to enhance her play time!”

“J does not always respond to environmental stimuli and when this show comes on she lifts her head and will look towards her Gwyn. This show offers a chance for our little girl to explore the world in a different way and allows us the option to do it right from our home! What a blessing this show is for J! It truly makes a difference!”

“My child is taking part in stories in school with greater concentration and interest. She is now asking questions and engaged. The teacher said to Mom, “I don’t understand the change….’ Mom replied… ‘Why she is watching Miss Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn’s Story Time Show!”

“She will be so excited to hear her name. She just loves story time. She hear your voice and immediately starts to look around. It has been so much fun. We really enjoyed the show. Hate that they have ended so quickly. My child just laugh and laugh. She also has been paying more attention to stories since ‘Storytime.”

“He hasn’t let go of Marvin and he’s been engaging in pretend play with him all day, clapping hands, trying to make him dance and walk. It’s been amazing to watch, especially as this has been one of our long term goals and so to see this suddenly emerge is so exciting! Your Story Time adds so much to our home education program, it engages him, he claps along and smiles, laughs and he is glued to the screen. He doesn’t react that way to any of the other shows or sessions we attend on Zoom. He loved it!! He even started clapping his hands when you said goodbye to him! Thank you for creating this beautiful story time for our kids!”

Watching a previous story time and loves to hear you give her shout out. So grateful for this wonderful experience you have created for my daughter. Having something that is accessible and multisensory is so wonderful. I know how much work it must be for you and your family but want you to know how important it is.”

“I have a typically developing child who adores the show. But what makes it incredibly special to me is the inclusion and visibility of differently abled humans. They can be reached; they want to have fun and enjoy life just the same as the next person. Your show allows for that and proves you don’t need expensive tech to do so.”

“What a giant blessing you are to so many…kind of makes my eyes tear up. So many more people have got to experience the joy, love and magical powers that is the Story Time Show. Gwyn. You’re doing it all right and I love every moment of it. Being a parent, I know there is NO way you can be prepared for everything, no matter how hard you try. No book or class gives a comprehensive course of instruction for children. Parents just want to love their child and for them to have a good life. Part of a good life is to feel excitement and joy. You are the joy in so many people’s homes.”

“We have watched all the Story Time Shows. She had one on yesterday. They’re in her YouTube playlist. She turns them on a few times a week. She likes to replay certain sections of all videos she likes. She will watch things over and over. When you spin the wheel and the frog song. (Favourite parts).Videos that she can watch over and over really help her to learn things and she uses clips of shows to communicate her needs sometimes. It gives her some independence too on what she wants to work on by turning on the video then asking for the supplies that go with it.”

“I’m loving everything you are doing, it’s fab. We finally got to watch the 3rd Marvin Story Time Show today and one of my young ladies who had her eyes shut and was still, moved her arms up, had a stretch when you called out her name and she is one who when alert enough really watches the screen for your programmes. One of my other students came really vocal and animated when your show came on today which was awesome as well. It really is so lovely to see, thank you so much for doing this. It’s so lovely to have other professionals involved who get PMLD students and are excited by their responses, not everyone understands that. Your enthusiasm is so great,  I hope you get the support, you deserve this to work so well.”