FREE: Summer Time Marvin Story Time Show Special


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Where: Live on Zoom

Date: Friday 28th June 2024

Time: 10 – 10.45am

Sign up here: Families, Schools, Organisations supporting children with complex /PMLD needs


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Some Phenomenal Outcomes from Marvin’s Story Time Show

“We’re back to 11am watching of the Zoo adventure. We’ve watched ep 1 this week and I’m sure you’ll remember our delightful singsong H.. She’s been gorgeous singing along.. she remembered straight away out of all the kids! Smiled away as. You introduced it and then when you do my name issssss.. she’s been saying “iiiiiiissss” and “hello hello hello” and giggling away!”

“H has been saying “whoosh whoosh whoosh” and also verbalising “Marvin Marvin” as you shout for him!”

“S moved her chair right in front of the screen and has been following the movement round and round of the rainbow spinner with her finger and laughing!”

“The story time is absolutely fantastic for my daughter – there is so much talk about ‘send’ but no one ever remembers children with PMLD in all that – but this is absolutely perfect, it’s a great way for her to have fun and learn at the same time. She is using the small amount vision she has a lot more since she started these stories. We would absolutely love for there to be many many more! Thanks so much”

“One student, who rarely engages with learning unless we use musical instruments, lifted her head when you came onto the screen. She then sat throughout the whole story with a smile on her face and, at times, giggling.”

“Another was displaying some negative behaviour as he entered the classroom, he was intermittently looking over at the screen and vocalising quite loudly, but as the session continued, he became calm and really engaged with what was happening on the screen.”

“One student in our class usually retreats to the other side of the room as he doesn’t usually like to join in group activities, but he sat with the group, throughout the whole session and when the story finished, he moved to his area where he sits.”