‘Hearty’ the Heart Warmer

Here comes ‘Hearty’ the Heart Warmer.
Celebrate the beauty of the people around you everyday with Hearty the Heart Warmer.
‘Hearty’ the Heart Warmer keeps lots of wonderful messages in his special heart box.
Each day you spend time as a family to each go to Hearty’s Heart Warming Message Box and open it.
You choose you special message that you want to give to each member of your family
(You could add different shape stickers by each message on the board to identify each family member’s individual message.)
You then post your message on ‘Hearty’s’ Heart Warming Message Board.
Be sure to place Hearty’s Heart Warming Message board somewhere in the house where it is very prominent so that you can be reminded of the message sent to you each day.
I love messages that are full of love and positivity, that share that heart warming feeling of kindness and thoughtfulness, caring and sharing.
I woke the other night in the middle of the night and this idea came to me then. I have loved making it ready to share today.
I love celebrating what is good about each other, I love to support strengths building and resilience and importantly to me building confidence in others.
Here are the list of messages I wrote… but of course you can write the ones that work for your family and loved ones. You can even take a photograph of the message board with your chosen message on it and send it to a loved one that you can’t be with at the moment. Hearty the Hearty Warmer, warms hearts wherever you are.
You are the best!
Thank you for being great
You are just great
Thanks for always smiling
Thank you for being you
You are kind
You are lovely
You are thoughtful
You are caring
You are gentle
Thank you for being kind today
Thank you for sharing
You are wonderful
You are incredible
You are amazing
Thank you for being there for me today
Thank you for being my friend
I love you
This activity teaches love, kindness, positive emotional language, thoughtfulness and caring and the beauty in each of us.