Iceland: Positive Looking Everyday by Everyone Toolkit


Here are 321 ideas for the Positive Looking Everyday by Everyone Toolkit collected over a 30 minute period by 65 professionals attending the 1st International See it, Find it, Use it Positive Looking Conference in Iceland on October 27th and 28th 2023.

We opened a new chapter and a new way of thinking about children with CVI.  The camaraderie of spirit and connections in the room by the end of the two days was electric!

Please share this gold dust opportunity to increase the gold dust potential for visual skills to be incorporated across the whole day. I wear my glasses all day and I can see. I want children with VI/CVI/MDVI to have access to learning all day everyday by everyone. We can all do all these things, they are easy, simple, possible and doable by everyone and do not rely on being a specialist to implement. 

Here are the instructions to make your toolkit

(Buy your blank ID cards and postcards on Amazon)


Link to the IKEA SKUBB Hanger 

Here below are the individual lists of ideas

Downtimes – 60 ideas


Greetings and Goodbyes – 43 ideas

Greetings and goodbyes_PL_EverydayToolkit

Moving Around – 82 ideas

Moving Around_PL_EverydayToolkitPositive Looking Resource labels

Personal Care – 21 ideas

Personal Care_PL_EverydayToolkit

Playtime and Breaktimes – 55 ideas

Playtimes and Breaktimes_PL_EverydayToolkit

Snack times and lunch times – 60 ideas

Snack times lunch times_PL_EverydayToolkit

Positive Looking Toolkit labels

5 x 1 minute Positive Looking Clips –

Please note if I was in the classroom I would stand against a black background. I am not doing in these clips due to the exposure on the webcam when you wear black and stand in front of black, the quality disintegrates.

Wear black


Positive Looking to Go Mini on the Move Bag


High contrast face

Size of resource

Bright coloured resource





Positive Looking Rocks for Children with CVI around the world

The creators of the ideas are pictured below. They join with me and want you to spread the word, sprinkle your children with gold dust, give them the opportunities to pa

rticipate in as many ways as possible to increase access to the world.



Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme

Positive Looking Visual Skills Course

Marvin’s Story Time Show – Winter Wonderland Trailer

Marvin’s Story Time Show – absolutely gold dust webpage – potential is gold dust!