A whole school approach to creating independent learners

Next week I will be heading to South-East Wales to deliver the second part of the Step-back – whole school approach to creating independent learners. This pilot of the Step-back Train the Trainer course has been designed to equip selected professionals with the skills and knowledge in how to deliver the Step-back Practitioner course. The Step-back Train the Trainer and Step-back Practitioner course are accredited with AGORED and have been developed by Positive Eye to support schools in Wales to implement their new Additional Learning Needs in a practical meaningful way which puts learners at the heart of the process.

Step-back is being viewed as a ground breaking approach, it is the first approach of its type to my knowledge in the UK. It’s purpose is to support a whole school approach to creating independent learners. Practitioners are assisted to understand their role in maximising learners independence. Do the teacher, teaching assistant and learner understand the purpose of support? Do practitioners create learners with additional learning needs who are effective problem solvers? Is the learner over supported and over helped? Does the learner have a voice that is listened to and responded to?

Positive Eye is at the start of a new and exciting journey with the Step-back whole school approach to enabling independent learners. The mission of the approach lies within Stepping-in and Stepping-back to create independent learners. Undoubtedly reflecting on how support is delivered, its purpose and the long term goals of the provision are beneficial to all educational settings. Most importantly this approach has the learner at its heart, they are consulted and listened to and are included in the development of their support plan.

A new website Step-back is underway which will offer rich resources, webinars, video clips to demonstrate how to create a plan to Step-back. Positive Eye is very excited about the future development of Step-back. We think we are at the beginning of a new approach that will make a real difference to learners with additional learning needs.

Follow updates on Step-back on our Facebook page and watch out for future blogs on the development of this exciting new approach to enabling independent learners Step-back