Child's Voice Toolkit Listening to the child’s voice

Listening to the child’s voice

Listening to the child’s voice

Listening to the child’s voice – do you (the child) find it easy, or would you like to find it easier to return to school after lockdown?

This is the question I am considering this week as I create a set of new Easy-Easier statements. I have in the back of my mind Maslow’s first level of need as I do this.

The statements are not about targets, or achievements or exams. More so their focus is about the well-being of the child.

The Easy-Easier Learner’s Voice Resource (trademarked) enables a simple yet powerful approach. To listening, analysing and responding to the child’s voice.

Children going back into school in the next few months may not have the words to say how they feel. They may not be ready to face opening a book or writing, or listening quietly to instructions.

The first step

Making sure they are ok, listening and responding.

If you say to a child ‘are you ok?’ they are likely to say yes.

The Easy-Easier approach enables the child to think about different situations. Getting ready for school, packing their bag. Walking into a huge crowd of others, finding friends. It opens up the conversation to talk about well-being. To find solutions and ways forward to find things easier.

The Easy-Easier Learner’s Voice Resource is a unique product. Designed a good number of years ago here at Positive Eye. It is part of a huge suite of resources. Developed to support the implementation of the Additional Learning Needs Act in Wales. Based around supporting learners to be more independent. The programme is Step-back. The Easy-Easier Learner’s Voice Resource is at the heart of this programme. It offers a structured straightforward approach to listen to the child’s voice.

This week

I’ve been LIVE on Story Time Shows. Delivering training on Positive Looking and creating fun resources for Valentine’s Day. I am also preparing a new set of Easy-Easier statements to add to the resource. These will enable children’s voices to be heard and responded to. On things that matter to them. That matter more than their school work when schools open and they begin to return.

This simple resource offers a positive starting point. One that has structure and is constructive. A resource that supports self-esteem. Autonomy, competency and a feeling of belonging.

These statements are being added to the existing resource. They will be available from the 18th February 2021

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