Positive Looking Best Practice Day February 7th 2024

“Its the ripple effect of Positive Looking across the world, we are changing the world for children with Vision Impairment and Cerebral Vision Impairment (CVI.)

Positive Looking is happening all day, everyday, by everyone.

Positive Looking rocks!”

On the 7th February 2024 special educators left their homes from across the UK and travelled by road and train to attend the Positive Looking Best Practice Day. They all have a number of things in common.

They are special educators working with children with VI or CVI.

They are all using Positive Eye’s award winning, internationally used Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme.

They all have a passion and fire within them to make a difference to children and to learn and share together.

The buzz in the room was electric, the sharing and learning – second to none. the friendships and connections made wonderful.

Thank you for coming together as a strong determined community to share and also to create for those not able to attend the day. Looking after each other and offering support to one another is so important in our world. We all need this.

It’s the ripple effect of Positive Looking……..

Here are the links to the information shared on the day and the stories the group created. Please share and spread the love of Positive Looking as far and as wide as possible.

Thank you, Gwyn McCormack,  Positive Eye.

Our awesome presenters – thank you we loved your presentations!

Positive Looking and literacy woven together.

Gwyn McCormack shared an incredible opportunity for all the children the special educators work with.

A new exciting, exhilarating and absolutely wonderful opportunity for children with VI, CVI and all other needs to have accessible online story time that works for them. This is meeting a huge unmet need across the world. 

1 min clip: Positive Looking woven through the Story Time Show. Gwyn McCormack at Positive Eye shares how and why.

Gwyn McCormack talks about the difference the Story Time Show 

I minute clip: What is the Story Time Show?

What is the Story Time Show? 

I minute clip: Children watching the Story Time Show.

Children’s outcomes watching the Story Time Show

A downloadable flyer about the Story Time Show


Direct link to Marvin’s Website

Marvin’s website

Gifts shared by Gwyn – black boxes bursting with opportunities for those attending and their children.


Twit-Twoo Little Owl Story

Written and shared by Rebecca Dickens, Class Teacher at a special school.

Twit-Twoo Little Owl


Community Stories written and inspired by the international symbol of Positive Looking, the Positive Looking Owl.

The stories written are inspired by the Positive Looking Owl. The stories were written in 20 minutes during the day and are shared with the kind permission of the joint group authors of each story writing group. Together we are sharing the love of this programme across the world. The stories will also be added to the Positive Looking to Go app. Enjoy their fantastic stories.

Olly Owl and Rooster Roo


The lost sunglasses

The lost sunglasses

The owl and the pussycat

The Owl and the Pussy Cat

The owl who could only growl

The owl who could only growl

The owl who was afraid of the dark

The owl who was afraid of the dark

Blank Story Framework

Story Framework_Blank

The best resource sharing from the amazing educators attending the day.

The impact of Positive Looking on meeting the needs of children with VI and CVI. You shared……

Impact of Positive Looking on practice


Positive Looking Takeaways from the day

Takeaways PLBestPrac Day 7.2.2024

Links to website information

Glitter paper

Make it easier to see: Professor Rachel Pilling’s website

Course for Parents: Simple Vision Ideas

Positive Looking Online Visual Skills Course

Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme


Positive Looking Rocks for Children with CVI and VI around the world!