Positive Looking training

Positive Looking training

Hey Gwyn? How did your Sunday morning go…the second session of Positive Looking training that you did? Best morning ever. I presented training to a new enthusiastic teacher of VI….. Sounds good.

What did you cover today Gwyn?

The visual skills of visual attention, fixation and tracking

Wow sounds good Gwyn

It was… we talked about the importance of a whole school approach, the importance of embedding in literacy, independence skills

What else did the new teacher of VI say to you Gwyn?

“It was wonderful reading the endorsements and testimonials about Positive Looking as well as watching the short film clips about the resource.”

Which endorsements did the teacher of VI read Gwyn? Well I sent her a few about Positive Looking to read before the course… this is one of them Oh… right… who is that from Gwyn?

Professor Rachel Pilling

What does Rachel say Gwyn?

Rachel says, “Vision plays a huge part in learning, so accessing it needs to be part of the everyday curriculum and not something that is just applied for an hour a week. Positive Looking is brilliant because it can be used not only by experts, but by teachers who are not specialists in VI, and it can be applied to the whole classroom to enhance the learning of children who have various different special needs. “The programme uses readily accessible products that anyone would have at home and doesn’t require you to invest in expensive equipment. It also uses popular contemporary themes that the children can share with their siblings like Frozen and Star Wars.” In the last three years since Positive Looking has become a part of the syllabus in Bradford schools, Rachel has noticed not only improvements in the development of the children, but an increased confidence amongst teaching staff, and more accurate reporting of progress. She adds, “Using Positive Looking has given teachers and teaching assistants the assurance to work with the children every day to stimulate visual skills and enhance learning in the classroom and beyond, helping children to access the curriculum. “Vision is such a key part of learning and what Positive Looking’s methods do is to help teachers and assistants push the child to improve their attentiveness and visual stamina. Each teacher is confident and able to embed visual learning in every task that they do, integrating the knowledge they have gained in order to try new things and explore ideas using the basic Positive Looking principles. Just like muscle injuries need physiotherapy to keep them supple and ready to use, so the part of the brain that deals with vision needs to be constantly stimulated so that it doesn’t lie dormant. Thanks to Positive Looking vision is now part of the everyday agenda in Bradford schools, making a huge difference in attainment.”


Image of Gwyn wearing award winning Yorkshire Action Blanket one of the awards won at the Positive Eye annual award ceremony. Woven in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK, from 100% wool. Action blanket is aquamarine and scarf is orange with white dots. Gwyn is smiling at the camera holding Positive Looking the award winning visual skills programme that makes a huge difference to children with VI.