Positive Looking Best Practice Day – Phenomenal Day!

There is no other day like a Positive Looking Best Practice Day. You have to be there to see it, understand it, feel it and take away the buzz and make others buzz and move vision up the agenda!!! A resounding success! 


All day-everyday-everyone!

See it-find it-use it!



With huge thanks to all the presenters, each and everyone of you were a hit!

I would like to thank…..

Professor Rachel Pilling: Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Professor of Special Needs & Learning Disability Eye Care, University of Bradford and Daniel Downes, Team Leader for VI, Salford

For presenting: See It Find It Use It – a new approach to the child with CVI

Sally Barowik: Assistant Headteacher for Curriculum and Assessment. Hollybank School

For presenting:  Progress through parties: empowering staff, addressing misconceptions, and having fun

Sara Akhtar: Qualified Teacher of VI, Oldham Sensory and Physical Support Service (SAPSS)

For presenting: Supporting children with CVI, in settings and at home

Lindsey Lintern: Qualified Teacher for Learners with Vision Needs (QTVI), Lead for MSI and MDVI Learners.

Daniel Stroker: Qualified Teacher for Learners with Vision Needs (QTVI),

Manchester Sensory Support Service

Alex Cruz: PMLD Teacher in Lancasterian Primary School, Manchester

Melanie Tanswell, Class Teacher, Ashgate School, Manchester

For presenting: A city wide approach to Positive Looking

Positive Looking Takeaways

“Thank you so much for today. My colleagues and I appreciated how much work it took you to put on the event and discussed it all the way home. We were inspired by you and all of the presenters. As you know I have been using Positive Looking for many years and I am an advocate for your work.

Thank you for everything, particularly your support and your enthusiasm. Today was another great success!! The rippling affect will hopefully change to great waves to push vision further up the agenda. I wish you success with everything that you have planned ahead.”

“As always a fantastic opportunity to network and learn/share new ideas and initiatives. Consolidates and solidifies ideas regarding developing personal VI passports.

Love the idea of a VI party – great idea to develop confidence of support staff as well as great use of very limited VI input from Sensory Support Service Team.

The really great thing as always with anything you produce Gwyn is I always leave enthused, inspired and armed not only with great ideas but physical resources to support staff and impact on pupil’s visual development. Thank you!”

Download the full feedback from the day

Feedback PL Best Prac Day


1.Download the recording of Marvin’s Halloween Story Time Show wth Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn. Price £2.70


2. Read more about the outcomes from the Story Time Show

Outcomes Story Time Show

3. Download the Positive Looking to Go App

Positive Looking to Go app

4. Visit Professor Rachel Pilling’s Website 

Make it easier to see

5. Positive Looking Conf-Shop: Iceland

Positive Looking Conf-Shop Iceland

6. Next Positive Looking Online Training Course

Positive Looking Course

Gwyn holding the Positive Looking Folder

Gwyn holding the Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme

7. Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme

If your school/service doesn’t already have the programme here is the link to purchase

Positive Looking Visual Skills Programme 


8. Positive Looking Everyday by Everyone Ideas (Toolkit)



9. And now the photo gallery – click on each image to enlarge. 

Remember Positive Looking Rocks for children around the world. Keep pushing vision up the agenda through your work in schools and in your Services.