Through the Big ‘O’

to Positive Outcomes for Children with SEN-D

‘Our vision for children with special educational needs and disabilities is the same as for all children – that they achieve well in their early years, at school and college, make a good transition to adulthood and lead contented and fulfilled lives.’

The Schools Guide to the 0 – 25 SEND Code of Practice 2014

Providing positive educational experiences for children is vital to challenging and supporting them, so that they can learn and achieve along with their peers.

More and more children with SEND now attend a mainstream school, and, like any other children, they are capable of learning well and making progress there.  However, not everybody is able to learn in the same way.

For children with SEND it is necessary to make experiences meaningful through the creative use of support staff, and by offering alternative strategies and adapted materials to deliver the National Curriculum.

Providing the right materials in the right format, right into the hands of the child with SEND enables them to achieve the same or similar outcomes as other children in their class.

Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND is a practical resource to help the class teacher and support assistant understand how real results for English, Maths and Science can be planned for and achieved for all children in the class.

It demonstrates how, by focussing on inclusive practices, good quality teaching and removing barriers to learning, a child with SEND can access the National Curriculum alongside their peers.

Class teachers can identify appropriate outcomes for children with SEND for the core curriculum subjects at Key Stages 1 and 2.  The resource will help them put in place support strategies to deliver a more accessible adapted curriculum and achieve meaningful outcomes.

The child’s progress can be recorded in the same way as other children in their class, helping to evidence the impact that reasonable adjustments can have on the progress of children with SEND.

Furthermore, it enables the specialist teacher to identify and record the child’s additional curriculum outcomes, (the necessary extra skills a child with SEND needs to develop) which can be embedded within day to day teaching.

In short, this practical resource will support schools and specialist services to:

  • Embed fundamental additional skills that are crucial to the child accessing the National Curriculum
  • Clearly identify the individual outcomes for the child
  • Facilitate partnership working between teachers, teaching assistants and support services
  • Ensure class teachers meet their legal obligation regarding SEND legislation

Every child with SEND will have their own challenges in learning the national curriculum – but these barriers to progress are not insurmountable.  By using Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND, teachers, classroom assistants and support workers can access clear, practical advice and support to enable them to really make a difference in enabling the child.