Story Time Show – Puts children with complex needs first

This morning I woke up and looked at my phone…, who should I see but one of the children who watched the Story Time Show last night. He was sitting in his very own TV area with his Marvin, his George the intelligent elephant watching the show. He was waving and calling out to me as I performed the story and greeted all the children. He listened, stilled, called out to me…… again and again….
Need I say more….
The Story Time Shows are living proof that the elements are what children with complex needs respond so well to. It’s time for this. It’s overdue. It’s time for children with complex needs to have a story time show that works for them as the starting point rather than having to fit into something that is designed without them in mind.
I am forever thankful to the South East States of America and the Midwest States of America Deafblind Projects for seeing the potential wonderful benefits of the Story Time Show and for saying…YES WE WANT IT ….LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Let’s just say I am on a mission and I fully intend to keep talking, sharing, promoting the joy and happiness this show has brought to children.
I wanted to share a little extract from the story of Marvin and the Rainbow Children’s Zoo Adventure….currently going LIVE every Thursday to children in the South East States of America.
In this extract Marvin is looking for his friend Barry Best Beetle who has escaped. He is visting Lovable the Lorikeet through the yellow door at the Rainbow Children’s Zoo to enquire if Lori the lovable Lorikeet has seen him…..but…. Lovable Lori’s special keeper is not available to talk to Marvin…….he’s chatting to his friend on ZOOM as we find out here…….
“He is over there talking to his friend Oliver on ZOOM, they are always chit-chatting, eating hoola hoops and giggling together on that ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM thing!” said Lovable Lori the Lorikeet.
“Mister Keeper Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah, stop talking to Ollie, Ollie, Oliver from Liverpool, there is a boy here called Marvin who’s looking for his best friend.” said Lovable Lori the Lorikeet.
“Hello Marvin, I am Mister Keeper Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah of Lovable Lori the Lorikeet. She loves to know that you love her.” said Mister Keeper Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah as he waved goodbye to his friend Ollie, Ollie, Oliver from Liverpool.
“Do you love, love, love me, say you love me, say you love me, say it now, now, now!” squawked Lovable Lori happily.
“See what I mean, no peace, no sleep, for Mister Keeper Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah. I’m always telling Lovable Lori the Lorikeet how much I love, love, love her!”
“But please can you help me….I need to find my best friend Barry Best Beetle. Have you seen him run by?” said Marvin.
“We did see Barry Best Beetle run by.-run by-run by. Why don’t you try next door, George the intelligent elephant lives next door. Follow the zig-zaggy line to the green door,” said Mr Keeper Zachariah, Zachariah, Zachariah.
Marvin and Fabby waved goodbye and followed the zig-zag, zig-zag, ziggy-zag, zig-zag line to open the next green door.
“Hello! I am Mister Keeper Benji, Benji, Benji of George the intelligent elephant and this is George the intelligent elephant.
“Knit one, pearl one, twist it round your big toe. Knit one, pearl one, twist it round your trunk, knit one, pearl one, twist it round your trunk! Sorry who are you? Marvin did you say? Wait a minute, oh no, I dropped a stitch!”
There was an enormous elephant sitting on a stool and he was knitting a jumper.
George the intelligent elephant seemed to be knitting something on tent poles …it looked like a red jumper…
“Darling may I ask what you are knitting?” asked Fabby.
“It’s a jumper for Marvin! All I ever hear is that he only has one jumper – so I am knitting him one to grow into,” said George the intelligent elephant.
[Extract from Marvin and the Rainbow Children’s Zoo Adventure by Gwyn McCormack at Positive Eye]
The animals in this story are chosen by the original children who watched the Idea Machine Story Time Show last year. The names of the animals are chosen by them also. The keeper of each animal is named after child who chose the animal. It doesn’t get better than this.
Thank you South East and Midwest States Deafblind Projects for being so awesome!