Why Story Time Shows put children with additional learning needs first

Sparkly Box of Stories Story time Shows

What I truly love about the Sparkly Box of Stories Story time Shows is that probably for one of the first times ever, children with complex needs are the starting point and not the add-on for planning for a story time show that works for them. They and how they access are thought about first, planned for and stories are written that can work for them AND all the children in the family, in the class, in the friendship group. Can you imagine a Sparkly Box of Stories Story Time Show that goes out to so many children who learn through a range of ways? A show that captures their attention, their communication grows, their engagement level increases…their learning grows because their needs are considered as much as possible.

I talk a lot about this in my work at Positive Eye, in the trainings and courses I deliver. MAKE CHILDREN WITH ADDITIONAL LEARNING NEEDS THE STARTING POINT FOR PLANNING AND NOT THE ADD-ON. Is the phrase that captures it…. and this is what the Story Shows are working to do. What we are learning through the Sparkly Box of Stories Story Time Shows, both here in the UK and in the USA is that they are loved by the whole family…. inclusively. Later today I go LIVE again!

Yes this Gwyn-Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn the story teller and creator of Marvin’s adventures and story time shows, inclusively of all children, is one busy happy woman! But isn’t that the best thing ever…. that there is show for all the family? A show where YOU don’t have to ‘fit in’ instead the accessibility and way the stories are written means the show just works for you and everyone together. As a child imagine having that feeling, that you would like to take part, but you can’t for some reason. The Story Time Shows help everyone to take part together.

You can have a blast at the same time as your family!

So…. yes later today I will be sharing more photos proudly, very proudly of the Moorvision Teatime Story Time Show which goes out LIVE to children with VI and their families in the South West of the UK at 4.30pm today! Woohoo! My fantastic colleagues who I work with in the USA and the equally fantastic Laura Hughes who I work with at Moorvision in the UK love the Story Time Shows so much and the INCREDIBLE OUTCOMES THAT ARE BEING ACHIEVED I am really happy that I am shouting this out in my enthusiastic excited voice to you all this morning! Yes I am ! And I will continue to do so! I want as many people as possible to hear this over and over again. Because I feel, see and experience the difference it is making. You have to see it in action to believe it! This is something that is so needed. 

On the Moorvision Story Time Show we are enjoying Marvin’s Market Adventure and today Marvin is arriving at this stall to buy fruit and vegetables for his Grandma’s birthday picnic.