Marvin Story Time Show at the Texas Deafblind Symposium 2021

The Positive Impact of the Story Time Show

A blessing to children and parents that don’t always fit in the perfect shaped box’
…..a message received from a lovely mom, in the early hours of this morning as I prepared for bed feeling joyful and happy after the Story Time Show for the Texas Deafblind Symposium.
I am working at capturing the elements of the Story Time Show in an image, I am constantly working on this … what does it capture, what does it do?
I have come to the conclusion that……
The Story Time Show works on so many levels
There is so much more to it than meets the eye
I am learning all the time what the layers are
On an emotional level I know from the many conversations I have held with parents over the last year it includes; joy, fun, laughter, happiness, connection back to childhood.
I think the lovely mom who wrote the beautiful email put it perfectly….
‘A blessing to children and parents that don’t always fit in the perfect shaped box’
What I do know to achieve this is that I have underpinned the Story Time Shows with the best practice I can achieve through an on screen experience.
The best practice teaching and learning elements which underpin the Story Time Show are outlined briefly in the left and central columns on this picture.
I write the adventures of Marvin to make sure I can incorporate all of these elements. I am particularly keen to make sure that the adventures having a base in the 22 essential experiences which undergird literacy
(J. Koenig, A & Farrenkopf, C. (1997). Essential Experiences To Undergird the Early Development of Literacy. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness. 91)
In a second beautiful message I received last night after the Story Time Show it read:
‘I am LOVING your storytime for our families. Thank you for staying up and doing this in the middle of the night. 💖 I know you can’t see all the children while you are performing, but watching their faces and responses is just delightful!’
The positive outcomes I have listed are the ones that I have noted during my work over what has nearly been a year of the Story Time Show.
The Story Time Show will be one on the 20th March. What fun! Can you imagine how exciting that is!? It’s time to have a party soon … a party to celebrate the wonderful amazing, incredible outcomes the Show has achieved for children.
I wonder now, here today, where the Story Time Show will be this time next year? This time last year it didn’t exist and now it does and look at it go BOOM BOOM BOOM for children who don’t always fit in the perfect box!!