Webinars for Kentucky Tennessee

Webinars for Kentucky Tennessee South Carolina Deafblind Programs and the Helen Keller National Deafblind Centre

Two webinars by Gwyn McCormack from Positive Eye on behalf of the Kentucky, Tennessee, South Caroline, South East States Deafblind Programs and the National Helen Keller Centre, USA

Thank you to all the participating organisations for this opportunity, it was a great honour and privilege to be asked to present the webinars

A sparkly box of lovely learning ideas (presented on the 9th June 2020)

Building a solid foundation of literacy access skills and fun experiences from infancy is critical for children with a sensory need. A brief understanding of these skills, along with practical ideas and resources to incorporate and promote fun, creative child-centered approaches to literacy, will offer inspiration from the sparkly box of lovely learning ideas.

A sparkly box of lovely learning ideas

A sparkly box of stories (presented on the 11th June 2020)

An inclusive, theme-based approach will support us to consider how to extend literacy opportunities through a story based in an everyday experience. ‘Marvin’s Market Adventure’ will provide our inspiration as we understand together how to include all the elements of literacy whilst enjoying a fun story with a child.

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