The Marvin Story Time Show

The Marvin Story Time Show was established by Gwyn McCormack, founder of Positive Eye in March 2020 to support families during COVID. It has been a resounding success and the outcomes from this fun, vibrant, family show have been immense to the extent now that the show goes live to over 200 families on a weekly basis for families of children who are deafblind with additional complex needs in America. The show currently reaches 22 States and many families and children and their siblings enjoy and benefit from this experience greatly. The outcomes have been phenomenal so far.

Gwyn the story teller in action on the show

The Idea Machine Story Time Shows focus on offering an inclusive multi-sensory fun enjoyable approach to story time that is welcoming of the whole family. In particular it is very suitable and has reached the best outcomes for children with complex needs.

Gwyn-Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn the story teller and creator of the Marvin Story Time Shows, Marvin’s adventures and all the fun sparkly characters that are designed and created inhouse uses a noisy, colourful, interactive, engaging approach to capture the children’s attention. They LOVE THE SHOW and so do their parents!

Live clip of the Story Time Show

Gwyn-Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn uses cheerleader pompoms and lots of energy and enthusiasm to engage with the children through the screen. They LOVE IT!

Gwyn-Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn chats with Marvin and we wave to the children

Gwyn-Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn tells the stories of Marvin’s adventures every week. A new character is introduced as each chapter is told on each show.

Gwyn-Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn wears big hats and designs all the characters and makes them!

The Story Time Show!

I write my own adventures of Marvin and bring them to life with him using colourful, engaging, colourful characters that we design and make at Positive Eye

We have our own songs, written by my son Tom – Maestro Tommity-Tom and I use funny voices for the characters, the children LOVE IT!

There is lots of repetition, colour, high contrast, fun, high energy and enthusiasm are just some of the ingredients to create a multi-sensory approach to story time that reaches right out to ALL children and importantly also their parents.

I make an activity or a craft to go with the story chapter I am performing at each show. Then the families have fun making the craft during the week before the next show. It is always something related to chapter, to one of the fun characters usually.

Positive Outcomes achieved from the Idea Machine Story Time Show

Children who are non-verbal are engaging, shouting out, interacting during the show

Increased engagement, concentration, communication

Structured approach to literacy inclusive of the whole family

Touches on all the literacy access skills for children, tactile, fine motor, language, book and story, concept development etc.

Adventures are linked to everyday experiences

Accessing the show

The show can be bought as a Story Time Show package to be watched online once per week. It is ideal for schools, charities and organisations that support families of children with special needs. It is based in sound educational practice but with a huge fun element.

Here I explain a little more about the show

Please contact us to discuss further if you are interested in the show for the school or organisation you work for.

Out and about meeting the children

Last summer I met some of the children who watch the show, it was really so exciting to meet them.

Here I am out and about meeting the super stars from the show and performing the show in their gardens

Here is what some of the parents have said:

From Rochelle, parent of Zachariah

Quite emotional watching the last story from Positive Eye for Summer! This story is a special one at that, as it features all of the regular children from the last 5 months! Zachariah has loved being part of the Rainbow children community and developed a great relationship with the beautiful Gwyneth McCormack. On top of this, he’s developed in so many ways, his concentration, engagement, reaction and communication skills have blossomed more than I could ever imagine,especially in such a short time.

What Gwyn has done during such a scary time, is just magical, she’s scooped up so many families and given them something to smile about, and look forward to. Gwyn has supported families, engaged with them and offered her time, knowledge and love by the bucket load!

Without Gwyn, shielding at home would have been so much harder, with the majority of Zachariah’s regular support network taken away, back in March, we would have struggled so much more, without the Rainbow (as she has been described ) that is Gwyn, being in our lives.

Zachariah interacting with me on the TV

From Leah who has watched the show from the start with her son Oliver!

Today was one to remember! We met the wonderful lady we have been watching on the tele throughout COVID for the first time ever today!

Gwyn came to drop a special delivery off for us and came to meet Oliver 🥰 she brought all of her zoo characters with her to show us and sat at a distance. It was truly wonderful it felt like she just wrapped us in a warm hug!

Gwyn has just created a new story for the rainbow children’s zoo, each child who watches her show got to pick their own animal and choose a name. We picked a monkey & his name is Buddy the funky monkey! And he likes to rave, rave, rave!! 😂 The beautiful Gwyn and her lovely husband have created each character – they are amazing. Meeting Gwyn today was so lovely and exactly what we needed I haven’t stopped smiling all day! She is so lovely and funny.

We love the Positive Eye Idea Machine!
Oliver’s teacher and our close friend recommended us to come along and join in the fun and so glad they did 🤩 

Some days have been hard during isolation, very repetitive and running out of ideas to do.
We look forward to the shows and the crafts at the end it gives us something exciting to do which is fun.

Oliver with one of his crafts made on the show

Presentation at the World Congress on SEN about the impact of the Story Time Show on literacy outcomes for children with complex learning needs

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