Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey

This video shows how to use real objects from the story to enable a child with any sensory or special educational need to access and enjoy a meaningful literacy experience. You can do this with any story – you only need to collect  a few objects.

Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey

Putting a collection of objects in a tin to explore is a great idea, add objects with the same initial, same feel, same shape, same colour, from same room, same drawer. Make a little tin and a big tin of objects to compare sizes.  Go on a tin filling expedition how many things fit in a tin.

Traction Man Tin Ideas

Download Traction Man Resource Sheet


Journey on a boat

Make your own fun story find a box turn it in to a boat – climb in and sail  away!

Journey on a boat  part 1

Journey on a boat part 2

Download Journey on a boat resource sheet

Harry Potter

Enjoy making a few of the things from the story of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter


Enjoy collecting a few things from the story of Frozen and sharing the tactile experience of the Frozen-ness of Frozen


Frozen Story Bucket 

Frozen Story Bucket 2

Olaf Counting Game

Frozen Naming Game