Being an Effective

Agent of Change Course

What is the Reasonable Adjustments Action Plan?

The reasonable adjustments action plan is a structured was for a setting to lay out its strategy for accessibility. Removing barriers that face young learners with SEND/VI and enabling them to access the support that they need.

Course objective:

To implement and use approaches and resources to deliver a structured strategic approach to effectively manage the change necessary in the school setting to include the child with vision impairment.

The course covers:

Practical strategies and approaches to implement with the school, which will be used during the course and form the Reasonable Adjustments Action Plan. They include considering being agents of change in the context of supporting a school, the steps an organisation needs to take to change, the role of the professional in maximising independence and promoting the child’s voice. The course will conclude with an opportunity to create your own action plan ready for implementation.

Practitioners will leave with a comprehensive resource pack both in hardcopy and on CD

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‘Great content, thank you. I work with families in their home and have taken away some very useful information and ideas for new resources’

‘Excellent, informative and practical, ready to use immediately’

‘Excellent presentation, and given on a level everyone could understand’
Teachers of VI/Teaching assistants of VI – East Midlands


Positive Looking is simply set out it introduces all skills in a simple format. All staff can use and know from the programme exactly where they want to focus the intervention, depending on the child. I use it half termly to evaluate and measure progress

Testimonial: Carol Pratt – Positive Looking enables us to record progress