Creative approaches to literacy

for children with SEND/VI Course

Literacy for children with SEND

Course objective:

To equip the practitioner SEND literacy activities. Providing them the skills and approaches to support the child’s literacy development using a multi-sensory holistic approach

The SEND literacy activities course offers:

Literacy for children with send is a creative and multi-sensory holistic approach. With many ideas, resources, SEND literacy activities and suggestions shared to inspire the practitioner. There will be a focus on how to embed this approach within the child’s day to day curriculum

Examples from the themes of the supermarket; post office; ‘Frozen,’ ‘Star Wars;’ a day at the beach; an adventure on a boat and many more creative ideas will be used, each embracing the development of:

  • Concept and language skills
  • Tactile discrimination skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Book and story skills
  • Use of functional vision
  • Social skills

Practitioners will leave with a comprehensive download resource pack

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‘Gave a thorough understanding of the process from beginning to the different stages of development. It extended and improved my knowledge inspiring lots of creative ideas!’

Class Teachers, International School, Belgium


The benefit of Positive Looking is that it is a tool that everybody can use everyday, everybody can feedback on it, everybody can show how the child has made progress”

Testimonial: Class teacher Jade Cracknell says Positive Looking is a job for everybody