Supporting Social Skills

with the Positive Social Skills Course

Supporting Social Skills

This supporting social skills course aims to equip the practitioner with the tools and strategies the need. All designed to support the social skills of children with SEND/VI.

The skills include:

  • Conversation skills Looking towards the person speaking during conversation. Turn taking in conversation.
  • Listening skills Active and attentive listening, giving and receiving instructions.
  • Play skills Sharing and awareness of others. Turn taking, reciprocal play, imaginative and pretend play.
  • Non-Verbal language Understanding facial expressions and voice tone. Interpreting and understanding the messages conveyed by body language.

The course covers:

We look at what the barriers are to developing social skills for children with SEND/VI. Routes to include the child in thinking about the social skills. What do they find easy and what would they like to find easier? How can we support children with SEND/VI to develop confidence? Teaching methods to learn the skills they need to take part in social situations

This course helps practitioners to understand the impact of SEND/VI. Plus, its impact on social inclusion. Offering practical strategies to support children with SEND/VI. Resources to help children to recognise their strengths. Allowing them to develop confidence and positive emotional wellbeing. The course includes ideas for role play. Teacher directed interventions and peer supported training sessions. We show you resources to use, and the ability to plan a social skills programme.

Practitioners will leave with a comprehensive resource pack. This is both in hardcopy and on CD.

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‘I think your materials were comprehensive and extremely well organised. I loved your presentation style, filled with passion, knowledge and enthusiasm’

‘The course really highlighted issues social skills experienced by VI students and the information was all really helpful’

‘Excellent – lovely friendly approach, hands on activities, and all so useful’

‘Great range of practical resources to take away’


Positive Looking is simply set out it introduces all skills in a simple format. All staff can use and know from the programme exactly where they want to focus the intervention, depending on the child. I use it half termly to evaluate and measure progress

Testimonial: Carol Pratt – Positive Looking enables us to record progress