Getting Ready for Braille

Course objective:

Getting ready for braille course is designed to equip the practitioner with the skills and knowledge to support a child developing tactile methods of access during the emergent stages of literacy.

The course presents:

A framework to support a child who using tactile learning methods to access literacy. The course is practical and hands on, with a multitude of resources to support its delivery and covers:

  • Overview of the five main areas on the reading readiness pathway – A ‘Braille Reading Readiness Grid’ provides a useful framework to guide the course and includes strategies to support development of tactile discrimination, fine motor, auditory discrimination, book and story skills and concept development
  • A case study: A holistic approach to braille reading readiness – A case study of the approach used with a child to enable emerging braille literacy skills to be developed across the curriculum. The full range of resources used to support this delivery are demonstrated
  • Cross curricular planning – A cross curricular planning approach to understand how the skills can be embedded within the child’s day to day curriculum, with lots of practical examples to explore

Practitioners will leave with a comprehensive resource pack both in hardcopy and on CD

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“It was wonderful to see all the different materials and what could be done with them in so many ways. Really helped me to think and expand ideas I was already thinking about.”

“The course was engaging and helped me feel more confident to further the education of the child and that I had new tools to feel capable of accomplishing these goals. A great day!.”

Class teachers, Brussels, Belgium


The inspirational ideas and targeted outcomes outlined in Positive Looking 2 form the interventions we deliver as a service and have been incredibly successful in promoting the development of specialist skills for children with vision impairment

Testimonial: Review of Positive Looking 2, Claire, Teacher of VI, London