Social skills in infancy

Babies and Young Children with Vision Impairment Course

Early Social Skills in Babies and Young Children with Vision Impairment Course

Social skills in infancy Course objective:

To develop an understanding of the importance of developing and nurturing social skills in infancy including how to use a practical planned approach to do this.

Course covers:

  • The importance of developing and nurturing social skills in the early years to support later positive social interactions and experiences
  • Practical suggestions to support the emotional well being of the child and their family
  • Mapping of the Developmental Journal for Babies and Young Children with Visual Impairments to the Early Years Foundation Stage and links both to the Benchmarks set out by Sharon Sacks, author of many books on teaching children with visual impairments
  • Ideas and practical suggestions for supporting the development of these skills in babies and young children, through play and structured social skills programmes for the early years setting

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‘Great content, thank you. I work with families in their home and have taken away some very useful information and ideas for new resources’

‘Excellent, informative and practical, ready to use immediately’

‘Excellent presentation, and given on a level everyone could understand’

Teachers of VI/Teaching assistants of VI – East Midlands


Vision is such a key part of learning and what Positive Looking’s methods do is to help teachers and assistants push the child to improve their attentiveness and visual stamina. Each teacher is confident and able to embed visual learning in every task that they do. Thanks to Positive Looking vision is now part of the everyday agenda in Bradford schools, making a huge difference in attainment.

Testimonial: Positive Looking, Rachel Pilling – Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bradford