Teaching Braille

to Children with Vision Impairment Course

Course objectives:

To gain an understanding of how to meet the needs of child accessing by braille methods within the mainstream curriculum

The course covers:

The two day workshop will provide a basic introduction to managing the delivery of the curriculum, presented in braille format, to a child with vision impairment. The practical focus will equip the practitioner with the necessary strategies to support the child who uses braille as their medium of communication.

Day 1

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Braille mechanics
  • Development of pre-braille skills
  • Holistic approach to introducing braille across the curriculum

Day 2

  • Braille schemes and programmes
  • Teaching braille code
  • Introducing braille into the curriculum
  • Ideas and suggestions for the development of literacy in braille
  • Record keeping and monitoring progress

Practitioners will leave with a comprehensive resource pack both in hardcopy and on CD

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“Fantastic course, inspirational, interesting, hands on, informative, relevant, thank you.”
“Couldn’t be better, covered everything we asked for. Loved your informal presentation but informed presentation style. The boxes and bags are inspirational.”
“Really informative, makes you think, how easy it is for the children we are thinking about, liked the different stages.”
Teachers of VI, South London, UK


The resource is presented in a clear way that is easy to understand and follow. Any professional used to following the national curriculum would be able to quickly use this document, and identify the relevant aspects of the curriculum they might be looking to adapt to specific children

Class teacher, Caroline McAleavy tells how Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND will support her teaching