Braille Courses

Learn to read and write braille with our distance learning course. 
Ideal for Teaching Assistants or Learning Support Assistants from Schools or Services working with children or young people with visual impairments.

learn to read and write braille

Learn to read and write Braille.

(The Braille course is currently full for the academic year 2018-19)
The course is suitable for those who wish to follow a course with a final assessed component. To show their level of competency in both reading and writing contracted Braille.

A Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairments, from Positive Eye Ltd will assess and mark. Not externally accredited.

  • Studied as a distance learning module by participants.
  • Participants complete 30 writing exercises. They are set out in the Braille Primer to practice. When ready they will complete a separate written exercise to prove their learning. They will work to a monthly deadline. Written by Positive Eye for the professional to complete and hand in for marking.
  • At each stage a Braille Transcription exercise is also provided to the participants for completion.
  • Participants take an End of Course Test in reading and writing Braille.
  • All tests devised and written by Positive Eye Ltd.
  • Marked by a Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairments.

Cost of course

£370.00 full course inclusive of one End of Course Test

£70.00 End of course test only (written and reading test)

£35.00 End of course test written only

£35.00 End of course test transcription only


Download the Braille Course flyer


“Vision is such a key part of learning and what Positive Looking’s methods do is to help teachers and assistants push the child to improve their attentiveness and visual stamina. Each teacher is confident and able to embed visual learning in every task that they do. Thanks to Positive Looking vision is now part of the everyday agenda in Bradford schools, making a huge difference in attainment.”

Testimonial: Impact on Young People, Cheryl Evans, Specialist Teacher of VI