visual perception strategies

Positive Looking 2 Programme of ideas

Positive Looking 2 is an easy to use guide. Packed full of ideas and activities. All designed to support the development of visual perception skills. It considers skill areas of visual perception in the context of a child’s functioning. Set in a holistic, everyday setting. Includes: discrimination, closure, recognition, visual memory, mobility, spatial awareness.

Why use Positive Looking 2 – visual perception strategies and skills

Easy and simple to use, with lots of practical suggestions and clear observation points. Fully adaptable templates for planning activity sessions, recording engagement and tracking progress. Promotes use of common, everyday resources or simple-to-make games for development of visual perception strategies and skills.

Benefits of Positive Looking 2

Enables a child to develop positive strategies to access tasks. Offers scaffolding without being prescriptive. Recognises that progress in visual development is not linear. Provides the flexibility for planning personalised programmes to support individuals to achieve positive outcomes. Suggested ideas are over a broad age/ability range. But they can be adjusted to a child’s need.

Positive Looking 2 includes:

An overview of visual skill development. Ideas and visual skills activities. Examples of planned intervention sessions. Suggested goals, materials and resources. The guide includes graphs to record progress. Example session plans and photographs of resource ideas suitable for each area.

Positive Looking 2 can be used in conjunction with Positive Looking 1

Training on how to get the most from Positive Looking 1 and 2 is also available.