Positive Looking – Online Practical Course

Online visual skills programme.
Learn about motor visual skills with Positive Looking 1

This online visual skills programme focuses on motor visual skills. Presented through a practical resource rich presentation. Designed to support the practitioner’s understanding of each visual skill.
Split across 6 x 1.25-hour online sessions

9.00 am GMT for each session


21st September 2021:

1: Setting up the environment and Visual awareness.

28th September 2021

2: Visual attention and Fixation

5th October 2021

3: Tracking and Transferring gaze.

12th October 2021

4: Scanning and Visually Directed Reaching.

2nd November 2021

5: Visual discrimination of objects and Visual discrimination of images.

9th November 2021

6: Positive Looking in Literacy and within the curriculum

The course includes demonstrations of how to develop each of the motor visual skills. It explores practical ideas and activities to support the practitioner. To help plan targeted interventions and explain observation points. To help assess and identify the child’s responses.
What is Positive Looking 1?

Positive Eye’s flagship product. An easy to use guide. Offering a comprehensive framework to help support and develop a child’s visual skills. It has recently been expanded and updated. It now includes a section on Independent Living Skills.

Positive Looking 1 focuses on the motor visual skills associated with optical functioning. Including Awareness, Attention, Fixation, Tracking and Scanning.

Positive Looking is easy to understand and gives straightforward instructions and targets. It states clearly what to look for in visual skills and how to chart progress. Observations are simple to track and evaluate.

You can download the case study and a step by step guide to how Yvonne Smith, lead teacher for VI for Bradford, implements a strategic approach to using Positive Looking across all local authority special schools.