Positive Eye’s free resources offer useful practical tips to support you to
support curriculum access for children and young people with vision
impairment and SEND.

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1: Top Access tips Gymnastics

2: Top Access Tips Practical Lessons

3: Top Access Tips Maps

4: Top Access Tips Plan PE Lesson

5: Top Access Tips PE Games

6: Top Access tips for
Drawing and Measuring Angles

7: Buckets Literacy & Numeracy

8: Maths Investigation

9: Primary and Secondary
Maths Resource Box

10: Facial Expression Game Lazy Sue

11: Whole Booklet Creative
Story Buckets

12: Positive Looking with
your Baby

13: Family Recognition
of Strengths

14: Picture of Family
Strengths Chart

15: Multi-sensory Boat Journey

16: Robert the Robot

17: Right Access at
the Right Time

18: Holistic Approach using
PO and Traction Man

19: Kippers Toy Box
with Photos

20: Peace at Last

21: Positive Eye Frozen
Resource Sheet

22: Holistic Literacy
Post Office

23: Numbers Resources Leaflet

24: Self Reflection-School Based Teaching Assistants

25: Self Reflection – Class Teacher

26: Top Tips Classroom Management

27: Top Tips: Classroom Management Non-Sighted

28: Top Tips: Concept Development

29: Top Tips: Handwriting

30: Top Tips: Describing Images

31: Top Tips: Print Media

32: Top Tips: Pictures and Illustrations

33: Top Tips: Study Skills

34: Top Tips: Tactile Access to Text and Graphics

35: Top Tips: Wikki Stix