Claire – Teacher of VI, London

Testimonial: Review of Positive Looking 2Supporting the development of visual perception skills.

Claire, Teacher of Vision Impaired, London

Positive Looking 2 is a fantastic resource that has become invaluable in our service for the planning, delivery and assessment of interventions that develop children’s visual skills. This resource offers clear and concise observation points for each visual skill that we use to inform baseline assessments of children as well as evidence of progression.
The inspirational ideas and targeted outcomes outlined in Positive Looking 2 form the interventions we deliver as a service and have been incredibly successful in promoting the development of specialist skills for children with vision impairment.
Positive Looking 2’s easy-to-use progress tracking documents and graphs are shared with schools to demonstrate the impact and importance of the specialist interventions delivered by our team on children’s learning and development. With the addition of the Daily Living Skills section to Positive Looking 2, this resource continues to underpin our daily work and helps improve the quality of our service delivery.