How Positive Outcomes will help teachers

Helen Kirwin & Heather Chattell, Qualified Teachers of VI from the Calderdale Sensory Team share their views about the new product ‘Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND’ with Gwyn McCormack, director of Positive Eye.


Gwyn asked Helen and Heather:

How will the resource better enable you to support schools to implement the reasonable adjustments for a child with VI/SEND so that they can reach their outcomes?

Helen and Heather say: The resource gives class teachers clear fundamental support strategies to use with children with a VI/SEND. It enables the class teacher to record every child’s progress (including children with a VI/SEND) in the same format.

What do you find the most useful about the resource?

Helen and Heather say: We like the way that the support strategies/individual outcomes and additional curriculum outcomes are side by side as this makes it easier for the class teacher to plan and record progress for all children.

Is it easy to use/teacher friendly?

Helen and Heather say: It is very teacher friendly.

Would you recommend to others and why?

Helen and Heather say: We would recommend the resource to class teachers as it supports them when planning work for their class. It gives general strategies that can be used to enable children with a VI/SEND to achieve the national curriculum outcomes alongside their peers and it has a universal recording system.