Tabitha Stevens – Cambridgeshire County Council

Testimonial: Thumbs Up! used as part of a Service’s delivery

Tabitha Stevens, QTVI, Cambridgeshire County Council

As a service, we have incorporated this resource ‘Thumbs Up!’ into our regular service delivery. For every pupil we visit who has an Educational Statement or EHCP, we use the Thumbs Up statements to help gauge their view of how things are going for them in school, both from an educational point of view and from a social and emotional point of view. It enables us to gain a much deeper understanding of their experiences as the statements feel less threatening than an adult asking lots of questions, and the range of statements really help to explore lots of areas of school life which may otherwise be over-looked.

From this, we create targets and action plans which, as part of the review process, enable the child or young person to feel listened to and their views validated.