Teacher of VI – South

I recently used the Positive Eye Easy Easier Posting Box activity for my final teaching observation for my Mandatory Qualification Visual Impairment (MQVI) with a Year 7 pupil with a vision impairment and some additional physical difficulties.

I had worked with her throughout my teaching placement and she seemed confident and happy about school.

It was therefore surprising that when I explained the purpose of ‘posting’ the cards, she posted all but two things into ‘easier’ thus revealing she was experiencing more difficulties than anyone realised.

This gave me an excellent starting point to develop an individual learner’s action plan with her ensuring she was an active partner in the process. I found the key part of this stage was to really listen to her and ensure her voice really did inform the way she was supported. This meant she had some control over the decisions being made.

I had agreed with the Resource and Outreach Service Teacher in Charge of the service to model this approach on this pupil as a trial, which could be extended to all supported students if successful, so I am hoping the Easy Easier Box will now be continued to be used with pupils in this particular setting.

I will definitely be using it in future in my role as a peripatetic VI teacher for a local authority service. I especially like the positive language used and it has proved to be a simple, practical and powerful way to listen to and respond to the voice of the child or young person and to recognise and celebrate their own success which in turn supports positive self-esteem and emotional well-being.