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Thumbs Up Social Skills Programme Review

Thumbs up Programme (Positive Eye) Review

Recently, I successfully used the ‘Thumbs Up’ programme with a pupil who has a diagnosis of autism. This is the pupil’s prime area of need. Their visual impairment is secondary.

The programme was well received as it supported the teaching of key social skills, for example, the importance of conveying messages through body language and facial expressions as well as communicating emotion through tone of voice.

All the learning materials that are required are included. I was able to ‘tailor’ the programme to this pupil’s specific needs. What was quite empowering, the programme highlighted target areas to be worked on by the pupil. This is done in a fun and engaging way.

I highly recommend ‘Thumbs Up’ in view of the social frustrations and concerns of pupils being forced to work remotely in light of the restrictions of COVID-19.

Qualified Teacher of VI