Wendy Whitwell – Team Leader


Testimonial: Review of Thumbs Up – Social Skills Activities

Wendy Whitwell – Team Leader for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment, Stockport.

The Stockport Sensory Support team loves the Thumbs Up Resource from Positive Eye! The profile and social skill checklist is a brilliant way to get a baseline of where a child is working from. Talking to family members and others working with the child can really help.

The role play situations and opportunities for modelling social interaction are brilliant. They help to embed affirming commentary to a child so they understand their own and others behaviours. The resource cards are excellent, providing a wide range of methods to explore human emotions and behaviours.

The possible interventions suggested are limitless and make you stand back to consider all the possible opportunities to develop these vital skills. At the heart of this resource is the child’s voice – the child’s understanding and desire to be part of their circle of friends; to have the skills to meet, greet others and to know and use appropriate communicative skills.

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