12 x 1 – 2 minute Reels – Making it Easier to See

A practical resource to share with your colleagues, use in training, as quick reminders about the power of Positive Looking and simple approaches that make it possible and therefore doable by everyone!

[Please note if I was in the classroom I would stand against a black background. I am not doing in these clips due to the exposure on the webcam when you wear black and stand in front of black, the quality disintegrates]

1.Wear black – it matters


2. Make a Positive Looking to Go Mini on the Move Bag


3. Be sure to have a high contrast face

4. Check the size of resource


5. Support visual attention and fixation using sparkly hats

6. Sparkly Hats Rock for Visual Attention, Fixation, Scanning, Transferring Gaze.

7. Selfie Sticks and puppets to support tracking, fixation, engagement in story time.

8. Red gloves are game changers for engagement, greetings, social interactions, story time.

9. Do something different to your face – it’s an important resource and it matters!


10. Invest in a good quality light spinner, for visual awareness, attention, fixation, transferring gaze – it’s a must have – BEAMZ light spinner

11. Be enthusiastic, be excited, be energised by all you do, it’s incredible, keep it simple, possible and doable 

12.An inclusive literacy programme sets the world on fire!

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