The Vision Friendly Mark Scheme

The Vision Friendly Mark has been established to enable special schools to be recognised and awarded for demonstrating best practice and a commitment to providing appropriate and accessible curricula and environments to children and young people with vision impairment (VI)

Vision Friendly Mark

PRE-REQUISITE: The Qualified Teacher of VI/MSI (QTVI/QTMSI) and the Qualified Habilitation Specialist (QHS) are significant in supporting the school to achieve this award. Participation in the award requires the involvement of a QTVI/QTMSI and a QHS.

The Mark comprises two standards

STANDARD 1: Whole school management

STANDARD 2: Creating a vision friendly school environment


A.    SILVER LEVEL – the setting/school demonstrate they are vision friendly, both at a whole school level and within the classroom environment. The school have access to, communicate with and follow the advice and recommendations of the QTVI/QTMSI and the QHS as directed.

B.    GOLD LEVEL – the setting/school demonstrate they are vision friendly, both at a whole school level and within the classroom environment. The school have the regular involvement of a QTVI/QTMSI; children with VI receive functional vision assessments; follow recommendations of the QTVI/QTMSI as directed; an environmental audit/recommendations are provided by the QHS and are followed as directed.

Vision Friendly Mark being awarded


  1. Interested schools to contact Positive Eye if they are interested in working towards the Vision Friendly Mark.
  2. Gwyn McCormack, Director of Positive Eye sends out the standards (Gold and Silver options)
  3. At the outset the school selects either the silver or the gold level standard to apply for
  4. The school collects the evidence to meet the standards and when they are ready for assessment, the school contact Positive Eye to arrange their visit. There is no time frame set for collection of the evidence.
  5. Gwyn McCormack is available throughout the process to support the school whilst they gather their evidence. (Meetings online, phone call or by email)
  6. Payment for the Vision Friendly Mark is made at this point.
  7. The onsite visit is made and the evidence gathered in the Vision Friendly Log is checked and vision friendly practices are observed in action at this visit. This visit is made by a Qualified Teacher of VI – Gwyn McCormack and a Qualified Habilitation Specialist.
  8. A summary report is sent within one calendar month. If any further work is required towards achieving the award, the school will be informed and supported towards this completion
  9. A framed certificate is sent to the school along with the summary report once all standards are met.
  10. The Mark when achieved is valid for 3 years

Please note: This is not an OFSTED inspection. It is a fully supportive process to offer schools a framework to include vision friendly practices for children in their care. The aim of this award is that Vision moves up the agenda for children with VI and the importance of vision friendly practices are recognised for their importance in enabling access to learning inclusively of all children.

To apply, email


SILVER LEVEL: £1,750.00          GOLD LEVEL: £1,750.00



The mark expires three years after the date it was achieved. The re-application process can commence up to 12 months before expiry to allow for continuity

COST: SILVER LEVEL: £1,500.00          GOLD LEVEL: £1,500.00


Yvonne Smith: Advisory Teacher for Pupils with VI & Complex Learning Needs, Bradford MBC; Joanne Jones & Michael Ritson: Qualified Teachers of VI – Oldham Council; Tameside MBC. Sue Mort: Practical Skills Tutor: Graduate Diploma in Habilitation and Disabilities of Sight kindly contributed the Habilitation standards