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Gwyn McCormack

Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairments (BPhil. Spec.Ed. V.I. Distinction) Qualified Teacher Status (Cert.Ed)

Director Gwyn McCormack founded Positive Eye in 2008. After spending many years as a teacher, first in a mainstream secondary school. Later as a Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairments in a peripatetic support service. She also spent five years managing a local authority peripatetic support service. Designed for children with vision impairments before leaving to set up Positive Eye.

Gwyn is an enthusiastic, committed and motivational individual. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of education and vision impairment. Inspired to set up Positive Eye by a passionate desire. To improve outcomes for children with vision impairments by providing expert practical advice. To help practitioners develop their skills and knowledge.

Gwyn has a clear understanding of inclusion. From the School, Service, Child and Family perspectives. Through Positive Eye, Gwyn provides courses and resources. Offering practical based, solution focused strategies and approaches.

Our Approach

Positive Eye offers a range of services with a unique and practical approach. From a full educational consultancy service to hands on, interactive courses. We show how to improve learning outcomes and measure progress. Our products are practical and customisable. Easy to use, they support your Service or school delivery and the children you work with.

We collaborate with a wide range of partners. These include RNIB, VIEW and charities. Working with the University of Birmingham, contributing to the delivery of a postgraduate diploma course for teachers of VI.

Gwyn presenting training on Positive Looking at the institute in Iceland 2021

Gwyn has delivered training worldwide and has presented at many conferences including:

  • Getting in touch with literacy – Albuquerque, America, November 2015,
  • Practical Pedagogies Conference – Toulouse November 2016
  • VIEW Conference – March 2016
  • VIEW Conference March 2017 and 2018
  • Tactile Reading Conference – Stockholm, April 2017
  • Teaching and Learning Conference – Leicester UK, June 2017
  • UKEd Conference – October 2017
  • Getting in touch with literacy – New Orleans, America, December 2017
  • Getting in touch with literacy – Seattle, America, December 2019 (Pre-conference session and workshop)
  • Gateway Conference for teachers of VI: Kentucky 2018.
  • Texas Deafblind Symposium: Closing section of the Florida Family Symposium – March 2021
  • MAER Conference: Michigan – April 2021.
  • Florida Learning Diagnostic Service – June 2021.
  • Iceland – 5 day training for the whole institute on Positive Looking – September 2021.
  • 7 week training tour of the USA visiting Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Caroline and Florida, presenting at conferences, and delivering workshops to professionals and parents, including presenting at the GFPD conference, the SE Deafblind Conference and the One Goal Conference and for the Centre of Autism and Related Disabilities at the University of Florida. June – July 2022
  • VIEW conference – March 2022
  • Conversations in Literacy for Getting in Touch with Literacy November 2022.

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“The inspirational ideas and targeted outcomes outlined in Positive Looking 2 form the interventions we deliver as a service and have been incredibly successful in promoting the development of specialist skills for children with vision impairment”

Testimonial: Review of Positive Looking 2, Claire, Teacher of VI, London